The resting calcaneal stance position (RCSP)


This paper presents investigation of a basic foot measure – the RCSP – from a paediatric foot posture and public health perspective:

This picture (actually from one I took as a junior resident in 1986, using a camera with photographic film!) has the stated cut-off score of 10 degrees – an estimate from reported averages – in describing ‘boomerang flat feet’ in children – those more likely to cause future problems, as opposed to reducing as is usual developmentally:

What is new is that the RCSP cut-off point 6 degrees returned a sensitivity of 67% and a specificity of 85% – utilising the FPI as the ‘gold standard’.

This study was carried out in 205 healthy children, aged 5 to 10 years, a cross-sectional study (note the age range for application of results).

Given the again demonstrated correlation with FPI, good specificity and sensitivity, and demonstrated cut-off score, the RCSP remains useful to detect flat foot in children – and can be used with other simple triage techniques – most notably, the 3QQ:

The RCSP remains useful for health professionals, given its ease of use and simplicity, especially for those not specialised in paediatric foot health.

The value of this research is to demonstrate the strength of a measure’s attributes; in this case the RCSP.

Some ‘old dogs’ may indeed have ‘new tricks’, and remain valuable when used within known bounds, and applicable context.

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