Evidence Essentials – the evidence based approach for clinicians

  • Distilled, yet comprehensive, clinical condition packages
  • Research findings integrated to be useable for clinicians
  • Current evidence – summarised, and at your fingertips
  • Clear, consistent format that works with the clinical setting
  • 5 key references for each topic
  • Free access links to available journal articles
  • Every annual access sign up will fund FREE treatment for a child born with clubfoot deformity in Bangladesh
  • Every annual access sign up will support APERF (Australian Podiatry Education and Research Foundation)

You are busy. You want to provide best care for any children who you may see, but simply have not the time to find and read the many journal articles, text books, and systematic reviews.

How do you synthesise the mountain of information in to relevant, useable knowledge?

Evidence Essentials has done this for you – on average a 5 – 10 minute read for each topic – and you are up to date!

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