Evidence Essentials – Introduction


mockupWelcome to the launch of the Evidence Essentials monographs!

This is the first series of Evidence Essentials – constituted by seven monographs – and relevant to all clinicians who deal with concerns about gait, foot development and related conditions in children.


Who is Evidence Essentials for?

Across the community, concerns about children’s feet, legs and walking patterns present in a range of clinical settings: hospitals, practices, community clinics and family day care.

Developmental variations, and the subtly of some conditions can make diagnoses and the decision to intervene or not, quite a quandary. We neither want to over-treat, nor neglect.


What is Evidence Essentials about?

The concept of a quick and clear, yet comprehensive and evidence-based, resource for busy clinicians has been buzzing about for me over the last 18 months or more. Now that internet browsing prior to professional consultation is commonplace, there is demand on clinicians to be across best evidence expediently, so that the best available scientific knowledge directs clinical care.


Evidence Essentials has three objectives:

Many reading this blog will be aware of ‘Walk for Life’ – the sustainable clubfoot aid project in Bangladesh, that has provided FREE treatment to over 18,000 affected children since 2009. As volunteer research leader and ambassador, I know how wonderful this project is in transforming the lives of children born with clubfoot deformity, who without treatment are destined to a disabled and impoverished existence. See: www.walkforlifeclubfoot.org

  1. Easy Access to Evidence
  2. Clubfoot Aid Funding
  3. Podiatry Research Support


What do subscribers receive and achieve?

The cost of this professional education resource:

  • Covers the series of seven hardcopy monographs, mailed to you. These monographs address: Growing pains, Intoeing gait, Metatarsus adductus, Foot osteochondroses, Genu varum and valgum, Clubfoot deformity, Hypermobility.
  • Each monograph is framed for the clinician – a case scenario – usual clinical presentations – diagnostic checklists – what to do – key evidence – treatment – summary tables – learning points – references.
  • In addition, subscribers will receive the Evidence Essentials ‘Quarterly’
    • Funds FREE treatment for a child born with clubfoot deformity in Bangladesh, enabling them to walk and sparing them from a lifetime of disability.
    • Supports the Australian Podiatry Education and Research Foundation (APERF), which funds emerging and established podiatry research.


What happens from here?

Subscribe and enjoy the comprehensive first series – simultaneously bringing benefits to your paediatric practice, enabling a child with congenital clubfoot deformity in Bangladesh to walk, supporting APERF and new podiatry research projects, advancing your professional development.

Subscribers can look forward to the first Evidence Essentials ‘Quarterly’ – a seasonal paediatric foot ‘round up’ – emailed to you direct.

Please keep an eye out for the next Evidence Essentials blog – every month or so.


I hope that you will really enjoy and value Evidence Essentials. The second series is planned, as is a third! Your suggestions and feedback are very welcome!


Kind regards everyone,

Angela Evans
Dr Angela Evans    PhD, FFPM RCPS(Glasg)